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Inside-out membrane vesicles isolated from HEK293 cells.
MRP4 vesicles with an ATP/AMP ratio >5 are readily available from PharmTox.
MRP4 mediated DHEAS transport:

Name: MRP4, multidrug resistance associated protein 4, MOATB, ATP-binding cassette sub-family C member 4, ABCC4.
Diseases: - .
MRP4 substrates: DHEAS, E217bG, taurocholic acid, urate, ritonavir, methotrexate, cAMP, etc.
MRP4 is present in: kidney, prostate, liver, pancreas and choroid plexus basolaterally and brain capillary endothelial cells apically.
In stock: human MRP4.
Available: mouse and rat MRP4.

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