Register for Toxicology and Pharmacology

In September the Toxicology master courses, 3 EC each, start. The courses are part of Biomedical Sciences of the Radboudumc, but also open for other students. The courses are organized in three course periods from 4 weeks, running from September to November. Each period you can follow two courses: one on Monday-Tuesday and another on Thursday-Friday. Wednesdays will be reserved for self study or final exams of courses.

In October Radiation safety level 5b (MED-BMS12) a 1.5 ECTS Wednesday course will be organized as well. Students enrolling in this course will as a consequence have extra study load (on top of the regular 6 ECTS per 4 weeks) during this period and are required to spend 8 additional hours per week on their study.
In addition, in January the Animal research (art. 9) course (MED-BMS10) will be taught, which also perfectly fits within a toxicology programme.

Registering and pre-registration
Each period has a different deadline for pre-registration. Note that courses can be over-subscribed then. Enrolment by registering after the pre-registration period is only possible if there is place in the course.

Course registration and enrolment
You can use Osiris to register for courses:

Register before 1 May:
MED-BMS64 Molecular and cellular toxicology
MED-BMS63 Biodynamic and toxicokinetic modeling
Register before 1 June:
MED-BMS67 Chemical mutagenesis and carcinogenesis
MED-BMS60 Human risk assessment
Register before 1 July:
MED-BMS66 Clinical toxicology
MED-BMS65 Reproductive Epidemiology and Toxicology

Follow the instructions at the website of Radboud University.

1. If you are enrolled in a course within the master's programme Biomedical sciences, you are enrolled in all educational activities in the course. You don't have to choose 'instructional mode' en 'group preference' (step 8 of the RU instruction).
2. You don't have to register separately for the exam of a course module. You will be enrolled for the exam automatically.
3. Radboudumc works with pre-registration. At the end of the pre-registration period, these applications are registered. Up to 30 students will be enrolled in each course by the organization after the pre-registration deadline. You will receive an e-mail if your are registered.
4. If a course is over-subscribed (>30 students), lottery will decide which students will be enrolled.
5. In case of over-subscription, every student who isn't enrolled in a course will stay on the waiting list. You can register for a second choice course subsequently. As soon as a there is a vacancy in your preferred course, a student on the waiting list will be enrolled in the course. If you receive such a place, you are asked to unsubscribe for your second choice course (if applicable). If you don't want to stay on the waiting list, you have to deregister for the course.
6. Students who are not enrolled in a course due to over-subscription, will be guaranteed a place in the same course in the next academic year. If you want to take that course in the next academic year, you have to register in the appropriate pre-registration period.

De-registering for a course
You can de-register for a course up to 4 weeks before start date. Follow the instructions mentioned in the link above.

Registering for exams
You don't have to register for an exam. Enrolment for a course means participation in the exam of the course.