Welcome to the Radboudumc Drug Safety and Toxicology specialisation

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has ranked environmental exposures to chemicals among the most important risk factors for chronic disease mortality. Prescription of drugs also pose a major health risk, ranking 4th (with stroke) as a leading cause of death. The European Commission estimates that adverse reactions from prescription drugs cause 200,000 deaths every year.

At the Radboudumc we teach 6 Master courses that together form the Specialisation Drug Safety and Toxicololgy, a firm basis for becoming a registered toxicologist. This programme is open for all students of Biomedical Sciences and for students Molecular Life Science, Medical Biology, and Chemistry that followed Toxixology or Pharmacochemistry in their bachelor. Possibly others can also apply for attendance.

September: Molecular and cellular toxicology / Chemical mutagenesis and carcinogenesis
October: Biodynamic and toxicokinetic modeling / Reproductive Epidemiology and Toxicology
November: Clinical toxicology / Human risk assessment
Courses that would also fit in this Specialisation include: Radiation safety level 5b and Animal research (art. 9)

For appropriate chemical risk management there is a great demand for trained toxicologists. In the past 15 years the Radboudumc has delivered more than 75 toxicologists that acquired important positions in university (45%), (pharmaceutical) industry (25%) and regulatory agencies (30%). Our graduates are highly appreciated for their in-depth drug safety and toxicological knowledge and broad skills in applied and fundamental biomedical research methods. The Radboudumc drug safety and toxicology specialisation is unique, because it is embedded in a medical faculty in the Netherlands, which gives us the opportunity to set up a series of courses that will be the standard in the human toxicology field. There are ample opportunities for toxicology master's students to do internships at influential institutions in the Netherlands (e.g. NVIC, RIVM, TNO) and abroad. After their master's three quarters of our students that specialised in drug safety and toxicology have obtained a PhD. The Radboudumc is a key player in the education of toxicologists and this toxicology specialisation will merely strengthen this position.